Biancoshock | IRL & URL


I’m so proud to have introduced this new book of #Biancoshock by a paper of mine taken from the critical essay ‘From Bianco to Shock and Back‘ dedicated to the artist’s work, which I wrote in 2021 for the second issue of Connessioni remote, the scientific journal of the University of Milan.

🛰 “IRL & URL” shows how the use of digital media, intended as tools for criticism or as subjects of criticism itself, can determine aesthetic-conceptual implications in the concretization of an original relationship between real and digital space.

🚀 The book contains 13 projects developed through digital platforms, Apps and web programs that create a dialogue between the virtual and the real world. Society today lives and moves within these two worlds which can no longer be considered separately.

📡 For this reason the artist uses these digital tools not only as classic containers or archives but, above all, as new vehicles capable of transmitting messages in the URL

🔭Featured artists: @bigtimebrad (US) – Elfo @elfo.hhaahha (IT) – @guildorgallo (IT) – (IT)

☄️Second publication for 099 Collection, a series of self-published books printed in 99 copies only. Each book is different from the others in terms of contents, projects and concepts.

Language: English
68 pages
99 hand-numbered copies

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