Berlin Biennale in 10 post

My short recap of Berlin Biennale 2022 curated by Kader Attia and disseminated in various institutional venues around the German capital.

Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart

Zach Blas – Profundior

Lawrence Abu Hamdan – Air Conditioning

David Chavalarias – Shifting Collectives

Alex Prager

Praneet Soi and Noel W Anderson

KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Maithu Bùi – Mathuật – MMRBX

Myriam El Haik – Please Patterns

Akademie der Kunst

Khandakar Ohida – Dream Your Museum

The School of Mutants – All fragments of the world will come back here to mend each other

Imani Jacqueline Brown – What remains at the ends of the earth?

In copertina: Zach Blas “Profundior” 2022

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